How we work

We boost the results of our customers. You can put us to the test…we dare do it!

In HCMI we are specialised in the foundation, implemetation and analysis of promotional campaigns with the objective of increasing your sales, reward to the most faithful customers and attract the ones of your competitors. Campaigns adapted to your sector, your goals and in the format you require in a record time.

HCMI has a cross-disciplinary team specialised in Marketing, Advertising and Social Networks, with a great experience and a continuous updating process.
We have the most original advertising holders, not only physical with more than 100 spots to set up your business, but also digital ones to promote Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in your web.

HCMI includes in its offer of services the total advice in the compulsory legal requirements in each campaign, such as: the legal basis, the taxes, and the Data Protection Law; for this, HCMI has the advice of the prestigious firm AUREN.